About us

The PASS team are united through a love of sport and a dedication to delivering the highest standards of service.

We have seen the ways in which performance analysis can transform coaching, at both training and competitive levels. Our aim is to offer professional and semi-professional teams the opportunity to benefit from an elite level of performance analysis, at a price they can afford. We want every player in every team to be given the opportunity to improve, not just those teams who can afford a full-time analyst.

Drawing on our vast experience at both international and club level, the PASS team are able to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) in any given sport. This experience, when combined with an in-depth understanding of a team’s individual goals, means the PASS team can supply vital statistical detail that will help you to maximise your team’s performance.

Our Analysts

Barry Frost


“I firmly believe that Performance Analysis is essential to long-term success and a winning performance. Our aiis to supply an elite level of Performance analysis to coaches, athletes and teams, and improve performance both individually and as a Squad.”

Sam Heel

Senior Analyst

Our Clients

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