How it works

PASS is completely adaptable around you as a coach and your team.

The unique combination of online access and personal consultation differentiates PASS from other Performance Analysis Systems. There’s no limit to the simplicity or the complexity of the analysis that PASS can deliver, it is simply down to you.

The team at PASS use SportsCode, a high-performing video coaching tool that analyses the performance of athletes. Its versatility allows for the user to analyse any combination of play, by player or type of play, allowing for a complete understanding of team and individual performance. It is the ultimate performance analysis software, used by elite sports teams around the world. Including Manchester City Football Club, England Rugby Union and England Hockey.

The creation of your personal analytics package is bespoke to you, your coaching philosophy and fundamentals, and your teams performance goals. Using a combination of SportsCode, knowledge and experience, PASS have developed a powerful performance tool to provide an optimum analytics package.

What you will need:

To film the game a HD video camera will allow for high definition capture of the game and a much easier transfer of footage to the analyst.

This allows for a steady and smooth video of the action taking place.

SD Card
Most cameras will have the ability to record to an SD card. This small memory card designed specifically for video cameras will speed up the transfer process. (potential adaptor maybe required if laptop doesn’t contain a SD card input slot)

To download the footage from the SD card.

Video conversion tool
An application on the laptop that will allow for the conversion of footage to a simple easy to use app. This conversion will also make the file a lot smaller, allowing for faster transfer of footage to the analyst and players. We recommend Turbo .264 HD video converter by Elgato Systems.

Online platform to easily transfer video data. Wetranfer+ will allow you to transfer up to 20gb of footage in one go, to multiple people at a small monthly cost.