Ilkey Rugby Football Club

Sport: Rugby Union

Aim: To highlight Individual and team performances within the 1st xv playing in National 3 North league.

Outcome: After breakdown what the coaching team felt was essential to a winning performance, together we were able to outline some key metrics and placed each week into a PMR (post-match report). This weekly analysis allowed for Targets to then be made and set in the PMR, as both an individual and a team. Also, With the guidance from PASS analysis, we were able to identify and analyse KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to which the coaching staff had not thought of as essential to a winning performance. This, intern made its way onto the training field, to which they made huge improvements within their games.

“PASS Identified new areas key to success, to which we have integrated into training, and seen the results on the pitch.”

Head Coach Ilkley RFC Rhys Morgan and Assistant coach Nathan Smith

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