Why Choose us

PASS can be used to help sports teams at all levels improve their game.

The performance analysis tool was developed by England Rugby League’s Head Analyst after he identified a gap in the market for a bespoke, adaptable system that would help sporting professionals recognise areas where improvements could be made in their team.

By supplying video footage of each game, the process allows coaches to coach and players to play, with the reassurance that key moments from the game will be documented, reviewed and fed back with advice specifically tailored to your team’s objectives.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • The PASS package can achieve similar results to employing a full-time analyst, at a fraction of the cost.
  • We develop a personal analytics package that is bespoke to you, your coaching philosophy and your team’s performance goals.
  • PASS can also be used to analyse the opposition, helping to identify patterns and weaknesses that your team can exploit.
  • You can be assured that PASS draws on the best analysis software package money can buy.
  • With input from experienced analysts across a range of sports we constantly review the system to keep up with current trends in the industry.

What we do

We developed PASS as a simple user-friendly online analysis suite that can be used to examine team sporting performance.

Accessed with a secure username and password, it gives coaches and players the opportunity to view a coded video of their game as well as our detailed post-match report which provides accurate, reliable and unique statistical feedback on individual and team performance. This information can then be used to optimise training and future planning.

  • Activity

    You record the game and transfer the footage to the PASS team.

  • View

    We view the footage and assess performance based on an agreed level of analysis.

  • Analysis

    We produce a detailed statistical report and coded video of the game.

  • Feedback

    Reports, video and findings are uploaded to the analysis suite for coaches and/or players to be used at their discretion.

Integrate feedback into training

How it Works

PASS is completely adaptable around you as a coach and your team.

The unique combination of online access and personal consultation differentiates PASS from other Performance Analysis Systems. There’s no limit to the simplicity or the complexity of the analysis that PASS can deliver, it is simply down to you.

The team at PASS use SportsCode, a high-performing video coaching tool that analyses the performance of athletes. Its versatility allows for the user to analyse any combination of play, by player or type of play, allowing for a complete understanding of team and individual performance. It is the ultimate performance analysis software, used by elite sports teams around the world. Including Manchester City Football Club, England Rugby Union and England Hockey.

The creation of your personal analytics package is bespoke to you, your coaching philosophy and fundamentals, and your teams performance goals. Using a combination of SportsCode, knowledge and experience, PASS have developed a powerful performance tool to provide an optimum analytics package.